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Author: Slashforever
Fiction Rated: R - English - Romance - Reviews: 2 - Published: 16-07-06 - Updated: 16-07-06 - In Progress

Disclaimer: the PPC and Alexander and Dayffd don't belong to me. Alexander and Dayffd belong to each other. This is a continuation from my pervious story, Elvin Love. Remember this is SLASH so don't like it DON'T READ!!


It was night time at the PPC. Though the hallway lights, illuminating the barren gray walls that were surely as dull and lifeless as a clichéd bad fic, hadn't dimmed to accommodate the change that surely happened outside, a certain amount of quiet had fallen over the PPC. The usual screams of agents as they tore their way through the hallways cursing Mary Sues and all the bad fan fiction that they had to deal with, with curses that no sane man should be able to understand but their effects and meanings all too obvious, were silent, while the cries for food and Mary Sues to bait from the Minis were also hushed in the darkness that seemed to permeate the well lit corridors of sleeping agents, trying to get that few minutes of desperate shut eye before the wails of the computers woke them up once again. Because everyone knew Bad Fic waited for no one. Despite this silence and empty hallways adrift only with the occasional plant moving on its rounds like some Freudian nightmare, an agent was moving about. He moved swiftly through the shadows, like a ghost of memory, avoiding anyone or anything that could possibly see him. His boyish figure was dressed in the tight fitting black leather uniform of the PPC, a dead parakeet patch emblazoned on his shoulder, marking him as one of the few and brave members of the Department of Improbabilities. He had raven black hair that was wavy and rolled curled around his neck in soft ringlets, a hank of hair falling seductively over his face hiding one of his dark brown eyes that seemed to glitter with a secret power, a power that he was afraid to use. His ears poked through his hair like mountain peaks, sharp and pointed, making him one of the rare and beautiful elfs that existed in the PPC. This was Agent Alexander, former Gary Stu but reformed and now fighting the good fight against his evil brethren trying constantly to make up for the sins of his past. Skillfully he navigated the corridors, avoiding any one's possible notice. Fortunately it was near the middle of the night, or at least when most of the agents had dropped off into fitful dreams, chasing Mary Sues or the Flowers depending on what terrible things they had to deal with. Through elevators and stairwells the agent made his way to response center 7219. Glancing around to make sure that no one was around, he gave a furritive knock on the door. The door opened just a sliver, just enough for the lanky agent to make his way into the response center, before shutting.

"I didn't think you were going to make it," Agent Dayfdd said, wrapping the smaller man into an embrace. Dayfdd was a noble elf of Noldorin descent. His hair was long, nearly touching his back and a smooth mix of browns like that of maple wood. His eyes were a fathomless gray filled with years of ancient wisdom and humor. His ears were delicately shaped like leaves unlike the large points of the other agents. He wore his PPC uniform like a proud badge of honor. At six and a half feet tall he nearly dwarfed the smaller Alexander.

Alexander leaned into the embrace, "I had to make sure my partner was asleep before I came. She stayed up late reading." He sounded worried, like he may have done something wrong.

Dayfdd stroked Alexander's hair, enjoying the feeling of it under his fingers. "Shh… it's okay. I'm just glad you were able to make it."

Tilting his head up, Alexander gazed into the Noldo elf's eyes raptly, pressing against the taller elf's body, trembling slightly, "So you aren't mad at me?" Elvin Passions

"I could never be mad at you," he said and leaned down to kiss the elf in his arms. The kiss was met eagerly, the smaller one pushing up on his toes to meet his lips. Dayffd nipped gently at Alexander's lips, pulling at them so that he could force his tongue into the sweet cavern of the other's mouth. Their tongues slid together fighting for dominance, but as always Dayfdd won out. They pulled away, and Alexander rested his head on Dayfdd's chest, giving a happy sigh. He didn't want to be anywhere else.

"I wish they could let us be together," he said wistfully.

Dayfdd's strong arms tightened around him, "You know they couldn't let that happen. It would distract too many of the female agents to have such beautiful elves as our selves knowingly sleep together. They're all closet slashers, you know."

"I want to be slashed with you. It would make me the happiest person in the world to be slashed with you."

The Noldorin elf laughed, "I think I could do that for you tonight."

Alexander reached up to kiss Dayfdd lightly on the lips, wiggling provocatively against him. He could feel the other elf respond to him and smiled seductively. "I want to be slashed so hard I scream," he said in a horse whisper, reaching up for the zipper to Dayfdd's uniform. Dayfdd pushed his hands away and scooped the younger elf into a passionate kiss. He kissed him long and hard until Alexander was panting against him, hands grasping at his back, trying to tear the tight leather off of him. He then flung Alexander onto the bed and straddled him.

"Are you sure that's what you want?" he asked, pressing kisses to the other's neck and face. "Because a Noldo's passions, once roused can be nigh impossible to put out."

"Yes! Oh please! Yes!"

At that pleading cry from his erstwhile lover, Dayfdd reached down and unzipped the tight leather jacket that Alexander was wearing, peeling it off of him like a second skin. Underneath was nothing but pale flesh waiting to be ravished. "You came prepared… I see."

"Do you like what you see?" Alexander asked, panting hopefully. Dayfdd leaned down and pressed kisses against the skin, before nipping playfully at a round nub of nipple pleased at the gasp he earned. He sucked on the nub as he reached down to unfasten Alexander's pants.

"Yes… I like it very much," he growled as Alexander's elf-hood sprung free. He touched it lightly watching as Alexander whimpered and moaned under his nimble finger's ministrations. His own elf-hood desiring release he pushed away from Alexander undressing himself in a swift manner. Once Dayfdd was undressed, Alexander stared at awe at the full-bodied elf before him.

"Please! I want you in me!" Alexander cried, "It would please me so much!"

"I'd do anything to please you," Dayfdd said huskily leaning down to kiss him, their elf-hoods rubbing together, causing Alexander to jerk his hips up and grind against the larger elf. Dayfdd pushed him down, roughly, and turned him on his belly. From there he pressed his elf-hood tip at the puckered entrance of Alexander's tight hole. "Are you sure you want this!"

"Yes! PLEASE! I beg you!"

"As you wish," Dayfdd said and shoved himself forward so he was completely sheathed in Alexander, "Ooh... yes! You're so tight! You feel so good!" he cried out. Alexander gave a happy noise as he felt the larger elf inside of him. Dayfdd reached down to cradle Alexander to him as he began to thrust hard and deep. He reached around and plucked kisses from the sweet lips of his young lover, trailing them all over his back. Alexander for his part moaned and rocked against the Noldorin elf giving cries of pleasure and begging for more, for it to be harder, for it to be faster.

Dayfdd skillfully gave him what he wanted thrusting hard and fast until he found that special spot that sent Alexander screaming in pleasure. He pounded Alexander hard into the mattress all the while kissing and biting his neck and shoulders.

"Come for me Alexander!" he cried, grasping Alexander's elf hood and stroking it. "Come for me!"

Burning with passion and desire Alexander let out a final cry of "YES!" spilling his seed into Dayfdd's hand, just as Dayfdd himself gave a triumphant cry coming deep in Alexander.

The noble elf collapse and dragged Alexander into a tight embrace, wrapping his arms and legs around the smaller elf, who looked so fragile in his grasp. Alexander nuzzled him sleepily.

"Thank you," he mumbled.

Dayfdd crushed him in a hug, pressing him against him, deciding that in no way was he going to let this sweet young elf ever away from him. And he would defy the Flowers to get it! This he promised Alexander as he whispered sweet words of comfort and love as they both drifted asleep.


Author's Notes: I hoped you liked it! I worked really hard on it. Thanks to Melly my Beta. Please Read and Review!

Next time! Will Dayfdd actual defy the Flowers so that he and Alexander can be together?!

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